The Redland

Typical Bromeliad in the Redland and they can be found so inexpensively!

Typical Bromeliad in the Redland and they can be found so inexpensively!

The area known as The Redland is just southwest of the city of Miami, approximately 25 minutes away.

The Redland is known for it’s farms, nurseries and estate homes on lots of land, a scarcity in Miami. The average Redland home sits on at least an acre and a half.

Those that live in the Redland enjoy the country living it offers while maintaining close proximity to “the city.” Waking up to the crow of a rooster is commonplace here.  The evenings can be spent on the porch or under a Tiki Hut enjoying the balmy breezes this South Florida gem offers.

Horse lovers abound in the Redland.  It’s not unusual to see folks riding their prized horses around here.  There are horse properties galore as well as stalls for rent and equestrian schools.  If you have a horse, you’ll need a place with plenty of land.  The Redland is known for it’s spacious, large lots.  I’m sure you’ll agree it’s a perfect place for horse lovers to call home.

Poke about through the articles I’ve written about the Redland.  And if you have any questions or I can be of any help, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me.

Happy Grasshopper – One Way a Realtor Stays in Touch With Clients

If you’re one of my clients, or have met me and ended up receiving useful information from me via email, chances are you’re also receiving one of my favorite mailings, HappyGrasshopper emails!

Happy Grasshopper offers a great way to stay in touch with clients.  Their campaigns consist of an email every 3 weeks sent out to all the people on my list.  I like their emails because they are short, interesting, and always current.  Sometimes they’re inspiring, sometimes funny, always interesting.

I look forward to reading the new email each time it comes out.  My clients enjoy them too.  I always hear back from several of them each time a new email goes out.

This is one little critter I don’t mind having around!

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Best BBQ Ribs in Miami

Big Ship & Janice in front of Big Red

Big Ship & Janice in front of Big Red

This past weekend I had the unexpected pleasure of trying what just may be the best ribs in MiamiBig Ship BBQ stands out with their HUGE BBQ smoker (appropriately called Big Red).  They serve a mean slab of ribs with just the right amount of kick to ’em and a tinge of sweetness.  I had the baked beans and potato salad as my sides and while both were good, the beans win my acclaim.  I lean towards the sweeter things on my plate.

In addition to ribs, Big Ship (that’s the proprietor’s name as well) also serves a chicken dinner.  It looked delicious and I’ll have to give it a go next time around.

Big Ship and his crew can be found at the gas station on Redland Road (SW 187 Ave.) and 264th Street in the Redland from Thursday – Sunday each week.   Another reason to drive a little farther south in the Redland!

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Family Heads Back to South Florida

cold maggie cleaning carIn the past few years there’s been so much talk of people leaving south Florida and heading north.  It seemed that was all I heard a few years back.  But homes have become affordable once again in Miami and surrounding areas.

I read an interesting story of a family who headed to North Dakota lured by the promise of small town life, sweetened by the offer of free land and money to get their home purchase on its way.

It’s been four years since the Tristanis moved and they’re apparently trying to come back to south Florida.  The beautiful weather here is just one of the many reasons.

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Blog Action Day 2009


Save the Earth

Today is Blog Action Day.

No, you’re not at the wrong blog.  Although my usual posts are, of course, related to the Miami real estate market, once a year I choose to sway from that and participate in Blog Action Day.

On Blog Action Day, the intent is to get as many bloggers as possible writing about the same issue of global importance.  This year the issue is climate change. There’s no getting away from it.  It affects us all.

I admit that I don’t do as much as I can to prevent slow down climate change.  None of us does.  There’s always something else you can be doing that helps the cause.  But don’t let that thought overwhelm you.  If living off the grid is not your goal, at least try to shrink your carbon footprint by making small consistent changes.

Take a look at the list of the Top 100 Effects of Global Warming.  It’s pretty sobering stuff.  I’m not a wine drinker, but if I were, I would not be happy at seeing my Pinot Noir on the most endangered wine list.  Saying goodbye to baseball?  Unthinkable? Well, at least the present baseball bat as we know it.  Live Christmas trees gone too?  Yep.  No more lobster dinners? These things are things that we could do without, albeit begrudgingly, but there are items on the list that are serious issues: increased illnesses, whole species disappearing, more hurricanes, more floods, more fires and on and on.

I read the whole list.  I admit it wasn’t the best way to start my day.  Bummer.  But the seriousness of the issue can’t be toned down.  It’s too important.  Life as we know it is at stake. Here’s a link to an empowering list.  One with solutions.  It tells you some of the things you can do to make a difference.  And you’re never too young to get involved.  Kids are making a difference too.

Start small if you haven’t started already. And keep it constant.  The earth is counting on you.

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Best Pizza in Miami


My family’s search for really good pizza in Miami has ended. Finally.

They’re a little hard to please in the pizza department. The kids were born in NYC, undisputed king of the pizza, and not without merit (many have ventured guesses that it may, in fact, be the water?).  So they were a little spoiled when it came to pizza.

We’ve been searching for that perfect piece of dough, sauce & cheese combo in Miami for almost eight years.  Today I can confidently state that our search is over. We came close once before, but we were in Ft. Myers Beach on vacation so that didn’t count.

Don’t get me wrong.  We’ve had good pizza in Miami. The kids always sized it up, though, and came to the conclusion “yeah, but it’s not as good as New York pizza.”  Alas, when those words were uttered, the search continued.

Last week, instead of summing up our new find with those words, they “mmmmm, mmmmm’d” their way through the pie, while rolling their eyes in delight.  When finished, they proclaimed, “THAT was good!”  The best they’ve had in Miami. Period.

The winner of their kudos was found in the most unlikely of places.  A gas station. Yes, a gas station. Corrina’s Pizza is located inside the quick-mart at a gas station on Krome Avenue and 272 Street. I don’t even remember which gas station it is. Not important.

Corrina’s doesn’t sell just pizza. They’ve got a full line-up of hot subs (including my all-time favorite eggplant parmigiana), baked pasta dishes & Italian dinners.  But with such good pizza I’ve yet to make it to that part of the menu. =) I love their Special Deluxe pizza (pepperoni, sausage, mushroom, onion, green pepper, olives & garlic).  One slice makes a whole meal.

And their prices are pretty darn reasonable. A large pie is $10.95 (and it is large). A slice is $1.95 (I remember paying 35 cents as a kid in NYC…my age is showing). Hot subs are $5.95 while their restaurant counterparts charge $2 or $3 more for the same thing.  The dinners are $4.95 – $8.95, again much less than their competitors.

So, if you’re lucky enough to live in the Redland / Homestead area, or find yourself taking a drive “out to the country” make sure you stop at Corrina’s for a slice of pizza.  They do have a seating area so you can eat it nice & crispy.  Even if you live “in the city” it beats a flight up to NYC.

  • Corrina’s New York Style Pizza
  • 27200 SW Krome Ave., Homestead, FL 33031
  • 305.242.2772
  • *Closed Sundays until football season so plan your visit to the Redland on a Saturday!

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Buying Miami Beach For Only $37.50

Own Miami Beach Cheap!

Own Miami Beach Cheap!

Can you really buy Miami and Miami Beach properties for only $37.50?  Well, sort of.  =)  Yes, you too can own your very own piece of prime Miami Beach real estate.  But it will be Monopoly style!

The all-American favorite board game has a Miami and the Beaches version.  And your purchase helps to benefit the New World Symphony.  Check it out!

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