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The Redland

Resting In The Redland

Live Oak in the RedlandSunday was a glorious day in the Redland. The air was crisp with the coming fall (at least for an hour or two it was LOL). The sun was shining. A gentle breeze was blowing. I sat on my porch late afternoon and took a snooze. Well, as much of a snooze as my two cats will let me take. The dogs were busy inside barking as well. It didn’t take a lot of effort on my part to ignore them =)
Days like that one make me glad I moved to the Redland. Selling real estate in Miami isnt terribly easy right now. But resting in the Redland is.

Lobster Claw in the RedlandI listened to the birds calling. I watched the palm trees swaying in the breeze. I saw the neighbors take their horses for a stroll. They rode them down the dirt road. At the main road they could at least see some cars pass by. I preferred the tranquility of my porch.

Apart from the horses and the neighbors I saw no one else. Our street, like most in the Redland, doesnt get a lot of traffic. Ours gets even less since its not paved. Not many want to encounter the wrath of the mud puddles of a dirt road after a rain.

I closed my eyes half-way and enjoyed the time I spent doing nothing. The next day Id be actively back at work. That afternoon I had been working. But that very moment I did nothing but sit on my porch and enjoy the Redland. I highly recommend it.

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Brand New Homestead Hospital Is Open For Business

While looking through my files today I realized that I had taken pictures of the brand new Homestead Hospital at their open house last month and never posted them.

Homestead Hospital is as impressive as we thought it would be. Just the mere fact that it was built to withstand a category 5 hurricane is pretty impressive to me. To read more about the hospital and it’s construction, check out my prior blog. It opened it’s doors on May 6, 2007. In the meantime, here are some real pictures of the place. I’ve been playing around with a photo editing program. Hope I didn’t mess them up too much =) The lights reminded me of a UFO so I included them here.



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Hi Ho Silver Awaaayy!!

Miami Redland HorseIt’s not every day I get stuck in traffic behind a horse.  Oh, living in the Miami Redlands, I see horses being transported all the time.  And I usually see local horse owners taking them out for leisurely rides.  But today I saw something different.

I was driving on SW 200th Street when I saw a horse galloping like a bat out of you-know-where towards 200th street.  I knew that if I didn’t slow down he and my vehicle might actually have a sudden and, more than likely, injuring collision.

As he reached the street he barely slowed and turned onto the street and in front of my car.  He didn’t even signal.  That told me he’s a Miami native 😉  My daughter and I were very interested in seeing where he was going.  He continued galloping at about 25 miles per hour with us right behind him.

The cars started to accumulate behind us.  SW 200th Street has a speed limit of 45 mph in that area but I can tell you most folks do 60.  To the state troopers it’s like shooting fish in a barrel when they hang out on that street and give out speeding tickets.  They can reach their monthly quota in one day, I bet.  But now everyone had to slow down to 25 or less based on the horse’s whim.  Plus the horse had the oncoming traffic to deal with as well.

Thankfully most folks were pretty patient and everyone was slowing down to look at this spectacular creature running free in the middle of traffic.  Whheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!  I kept thinking I had to do something and asked my daughter for permission to stop.  I was taking her to school, you see, to look at the posted results and find out if she had made it onto the cheerleading squad.  We mustn’t be late!  It might rain or something and the ink could run and render the results illegible and she might have to wait until Monday to find out if she’d made it.  Horrors!  She begrudgingly agreed that she could spare 5 minutes.

Broker Maggie and Little One to the rescue!  The horse had now decided that a side road looked more interesting and turned down that way (again, without using the turn signal).  We had travelled about half a mile from were we saw the horse get onto the street and I had not seen any vehicles come in off that road.  I checked traffic and made a u-turn.  As I passed a few cars that had gathered I asked one man getting out if that was his horse.  He told me it wasn’t and I told him I knew where he’d come from and I would go alert the owner.

The horse was oblivious to all this hoopla and was now quietly and calmly getting farther and farther away from us and the civilization to be found on the state road.  I took off to find the owner, the whole time hoping I would be successful.  I’d heard stories of horses getting stolen in the Miami Redlands and I certainly didn’t want this poor fella to be one of the statistics.

As I reached the road from whence he’d come I turned and saw a truck careening down the dirt road towards us.  I honked frantically at him and he finally stopped.  It turned out he was indeed the owner and I told him exactly where he could find him.  As soon as you pass the train tracks make a right and follow the road.  No, no, the horse isn’t on the train tracks, he’s on the next road that runs beside them and gaining distance every minute.  He thanked me and off he sped!

As we got back on course and headed to school Little One commented “that was fun.”  “Yes Little One.  Living the Redlands often is.”

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Miami Redlands Orchid Buying

Miami Redlands OrchidLiving in the Miami Redlands makes it easier for me to sell real estate here. Easier because I don’t just sell real estate in the Redlands, I live it, know it and love it.

The Miami Redlands area is a historic agricultural community. As such, you can’t beat it for finding wonderful plants, be they for landscaping, windowsill-sitting or gifts. There are many plants to be found here. One of my favorites is the orchid.

Next time you’re in the market for some orchids try Remarkable Homes and Gardens at 20990 SW 147 Avenue. They are known for their $7 orchid sales. Yes, you read that right. Only seven dollars.

If you’ve been to the local home improvement giant’s garden department, you know orchids are pricey. Yes, Remarkable has orchids that are priced a lot higher than $7, but their selection of $7 plants is pretty big and there’s always something pretty in the mix. The one in the picture was from the $7 selection.

I stopped there yesterday and purchased 3 pretty orchids for only $7 each. The guy waiting to pay right behind me paid $125 for his 2 gorgeous plants, and they really were exquisite.

Miami_redlands_basketsIn addition to orchids you can also find bromeliads, foliage, palms and landscape plants there. They have some great hanging planters made from real coconuts that make a great display piece if you’re keeping your orchids indoors. Kevin, the proprietor, also pointed out a smaller vessel made of gourds that are ideal to display their coconut orchids. The coconut orchids, by the way, are very fragrant and smell like chocolate!

Remarkable Homes and Gardens can be found on 20990 SW 147th Avenue. Just head south on 147th, past the 4-way, red-light Stop at 200th Street. It will be on the right hand side. They are only open Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, from 8am – 6pm and you can follow the signs that say $7 Orchid Sale all the way there. Tell Kevin Maggie the Realtor sent you.

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Living In The Miami Redland And Loving It

I love Miami. It’s a vibrant city and the weather is right up my alley. But it’s a busy city. I won’t lie and sugarcoat the traffic conditions. It’s hectic. But the Miami Redlands area is further Southwest than Miami proper and we don’t suffer from traffic congestion.I live on almost an acre and half of land. It’s sweet. I can’t stick my arm out the window and touch my neighbor’s home. If I want to visit him, I can. All my neighbors are lovely. But I’m not stuck in his face. And he’s not stuck in mine. Anyway, that’s not why I’m writing this. I’m writing this because of the porch. I was sitting on the porch enjoying the balmy breeze and watching the effect it has on the palm trees in our yard. Then I closed my eyes and realized that the birds were singing something fierce. Boy, were they happy.

There must have been at least a hundred birds singing. I just sat there with my eyes closed and took in all the sounds they were making. A singing bird can make my heart soar. Imagine a hundred. It made me think how blessed I am to live in the Miami Redlands. There’s enough room all around that birds come visit all the time. I am sure many live here too. I opened my eyes and tried to spot them. A lot of them were easy. There were the quakers over on the feeding post in my neighbor’s lawn. There were black birds and grey birds up on the utility lines. And upon further inspection I could see some grey ones with colorful blue feathers throughout the live oak trees. I realized that I don’t know the names of the birds, except for the quakers. I can spot those little green parrots a mile away…and hear them too. They have a distinct chatter.

I ordered a bird identifying book last week. I can’t wait to get it. It’ll help me find out more about my little friends that are sharing this space with me in my Miami Redlands home. Maybe I can even learn to sing with them. I doubt I’ll sound as sweet, but with a little practice maybe just as enthusiastic.

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Introduction To The Historic Miami Redland, Homestead And SW Miami Areas

I am a local REALTOR who loves what she does. I live and work in the historic Redland area of Miami. Redland is south of Miami and North of Homestead, but a little further west. It’s an incredible place to live and I’m doubly blessed because I get to work here as well.

Apart from Redland, I also specialize in the SW Miami area (broadly defined as anything South and West of our lovely Metrozoo) and Homestead. Of course, I’ve helped clients outside of these areas, but I don’t specialize in them. I don’t want to be a “jack-of-all-trades and master of none,” as the old adage states. So I choose to focus my attention in these areas. That being said, however, I keep up with anything that affects real estate in Miami, Dade County and Florida, so I am always prepared to help clients and their family and friends regardless of where in Dade County they need my help. I’ve even ventured into Broward County on several occasions =)

My intention with this blog is to give folks an insider’s tour of this great area. We’re a bit off the beaten path, and the extra driving is worth it! Actually, the community is pretty self-contained, we’ve got great shopping, schools, medical facilities, entertainment, and employment opportunities, so the extra driving is optional.

Redland is predominantly full of nurseries and single-family homes. No apartment buildings and condos here. The majority of the homes are on at least 1 acre; a true acre, not that acre-wanna-be known as a builder’s acre. An acre has 43,560 SF and a builder’s acre has 30,000 SF. (by the way, that would be my first real estate tip to you: if you ever encounter someone selling a home with “acreage.” Just ask if that’s a builder’s acre they’re talking about) Folks come out here to get away from the city and enjoy their time “in the country.” I know of people who have homes in Miami as well as here and they come out here on the weekends. But mostly I know the folks who just work in Miami and come home to paradise each night. I live and work here and I love it!

Bougainvilleas in bloomDriving around the area you quickly notice what makes it special. The huge open spaces, acres and acres of nurseries, the regal palm trees surrounding us. The tropical foliage is breathtaking. Bougainvilleas in bloom are a sight to behold! The orchids are gorgeous and there’s butterfly and koi farms. It’s not uncommon to see folks riding their horse instead of taking the car to the local store. There’s so much that makes this place special that I hope you’ll return to learn more about it.

In future entries, I hope to be able to give you a tour of the many sights which can be found in Redland, and the adjoining area of Homestead and SW Miami. There will be nursery, park, festival, winery (yes, honest! made from mangoes, lychees, carambola and more!) craft, everglades, shopping and restaurant tours, to mention just a few.

Of course, there will updates on the local market as well. It’s that REALTOR in me that strives to provide useful, accurate and valuable info to my clients. So put a pot of coffee on (or pick up a colada of strong cuban espresso) and come back for a visit real soon. Friends are always welcome here in Redland.

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