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Wine on Harvest Moon Back at Deering Estate


Palmetto Bay – Wine on Harvest Moon is back for its annual appearance at the Deering Estate!  The Deering Estate Foundation is hosting its 13th annual Wine on Harvest Moon event this Saturday, October 11th, from 7:30 to 10:30.  Tickets are limited so make sure to get yours in time.  Information can be found at www.deeringestate.org or by calling 305.235.1668 X263.  Wunderbar!

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Knaus Berry Farm Reopened

Knaus Berry Farm in the Redland

Knaus Berry Farm opened up for the season in the Redland last week. I stopped there over the weekend (which, of course, means Saturday since they are closed on Sundays) and it was like they never closed.

The place was packed with cars. The line to get a milkshake was enough to make the Dairy Queen down the road green with envy.

I have to admit that I didn’t bother buying anything. The line was too long and their baked goods are good but I can stop in during the week when it’s less busy.

Knaus Berry Farm is often, and erroneously, referred to as “the Amish Farm.” They’re not Amish, they’ll point out if you ask. They’re German Brethren. They’ve been here for years and are quite the attraction. They sell homebaked goods as well as produce and their milkshakes are thick enough to stand a spoon up in (and you may want to use a spoon to get them going and save your facial muscles the workout).

They are open for business mid November to right before Easter and then leave us until the next year (notice a trend? They like to miss hurricane season. lol) They are closed on Sundays.

  • Knaus Berry Farm
  • SW 160th Ave & 248th Street
  • 305-247-0668

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Robert Is Still There At ‘Robert Is Here’

Redland Fruit StandLiving in the Redland I have plenty of fruit trees in my yard. Try as I might, I cant have all the fruit thats out there though. We sometimes go elsewhere to get our fruit fix!

I drove over to Robert Is Here yesterday afternoon. The kids been wanting to try a dragonfruit and we figured theyd have it. We were right.

Redland Fruits For SaleRobert Is Here has been there for about 47 years now. The story goes that when Robert was a boy and trying to sell cucumbers on the corner no one stopped at his stand. Roberts father decided he needed to be more visible and made two big signs to put on either side of Roberts table each proclaiming in big red letters œRobert Is Here.

The signs were marketing genius and by noon the next day Robert had sold out all his cucumbers. The rest, as they say, is history.

Jackfruit in the RedlandToday Roberts stand is much bigger and widely known. It sits on the corner of 344th Street and 192nd Avenue and there are always plenty of people stopping for fruit, herbs, honey, snacks, touristy items or one of their incredible milkshakes. Some people consider this the Redland but the address is technically Homestead. It doesnt matter. Just head South and West and youll be glad you did.

There was live music yesterday and people sitting at the tables enjoying it. My kid did find the dragonfruit and I convinced her to buy the half of one for $3.00 instead of buying a whole fruit. Thanks for giving us choices Robert! The truth is that we didnt like the way it tasted. It was something like unflavored Jell-O. Not too appetizing, but it sure was pretty!

Redland Fruit ShakesRoberts has lots of different fruits that you wont find easily at your local grocer. There are lots of different honeys and a honey tasting station too. we shared some laughs with other patrons while sampling the different flavors.

If youre driving to the Keys, leave a little early and take a detour over to Robert Is Here. You might even get lucky and have Robert himself wait on you!

  • Robert Is Here
  • 19200 SW 344 Street
  • Homestead, FL 33034
  • 305“246“1592
  • Open 7 Days a Week
  • Closed September “ October

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Miami Redland Fruit & Spice Park

I cannot take credit for the following article.  That distinction belongs to my friend, Chris Griffith.  Chris is usually selling real estate on the other side of our lovely peninsula, but is vacationing on the other side of our country right now.  She needs to have a talk with her activities director, as she is finding herself at a loss for things to occupy her time.  So, being the always-helpful-often-funny person that she is, she decided to write an article for my blog.  It was in sore need of it, too!  She even sent me the picture.  I promise to get back to writing as long as Chris promises to get back to enjoying her vacation.  Deal?  Deal!










Spice up your life!  The Fruit & Spice Park is a 35-acre subtropical botanical retreat smack dab in the heart of the historic Redland community. It’s just 35 miles south of Miami.  Maintained and operated by Miami-Dade County Park and Recreation, there are more than 500 varieties of rare fruits, herbs, spices and nuts from around the world including 80 varieties of bananas (who knew there were 80 varieties of bananas?) 70 different bamboos and 27 varieties of mangoes.  Who, in South Florida, doesn’t LOVE mango?!  There are tons more of other edible fruit and spice trees too!

You HAVE to come and see for yourself the lush trees popping with colorful fruit.  If you’re one of my Active Rain fans you may even recognize a name or two: Mangosteen, Fiji Longan, Carambola, Avocado, Dragon Fruit, and Jaboticaba.

You must also visit the Park’s herb and vegetable garden.  Take a stroll through the shady banana groves and count the varieties. Visitors are permitted to sample fallen fruit (Behave yourself, no above-ground harvesting is allowed) or get a taste of the season’s harvest at the Welcome Center’s tasting table.

This is a fast tour, maybe an hour or even longer if you’re a fan or an arborist.  Some folks make an afternoon of it.  Fruit & Spice Park is a unique, and tasteful experience.

Miami and the Redland has much to offer. Get out there and enjoy it.   Subscribe to my feed to learn more about Miami, Miami Real Estate and The Redland as I post new articles.

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To Catch A Lizard

LizardAhhh¦.nothing like a little excitement added to your morning. Im on vacation in Ft. Myers Beach and when we went to bed last night, we noticed a little lizard was in the room. I was too tired to do anything about it last night but awoke fully charged and ready to tackle the little critter this morning.

Most Floridians wouldnt do anything about a little lizard in the room. Most Floridians would laugh at me for referring to them as Floridians. Although I call Miami Redland home, I grew up in New York City and still prefer the little reptiles outside, where I feel they belong.

My task this morning was made easier by the fact that the little guy was still hanging out on the ceiling. I have a super simple way of catching lizards that works almost 100% of the time. And I dont have to touch them. Although Ive gotten over the fear of them Im still a little squeamish about touching them. I owe this simple trick to my friend Rosemary Janssen. Thanks Romi!

This lizard was tiny, about 2 inches with tail and all. I went to the kitchen and got a glass. I ripped the box our fajita dinner started in so that I had a piece of cardboard big enough to slide under the glass after I cupped him. Ive discovered that most lizards will œplay dead when they notice you around them. Unless youre up in their space, then theyll try to make a run for it.

I put the glass over the cute little thing. Then I slipped the cardboard under the glass so that he was trapped. I got off the chair very carefully (everyone else was still sleeping so I had no one to help). And I went outside where I set him free. Of course the glass was washed after being used.

Mission accomplished!

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Country Club of Miami Free Family Golf Festival

GolfWhat:  Family Golf Festival                                        

Where: Country Club of Miami, 6801 NW 186th Street, Miami, FL

When: Saturday, July 14, 2007 3:00pm – 7:00pm

Why:  Know nothing about the game of golf?  Come to this free festival for a free introduction!  There will be activities for the whole family: Golf lessons; Driving, chipping and putting challenges; food, music and dance; a fun zone for the kids; PGA Golf Pro Larry Levow will offer two free clinics at 3:30pm and 6:00pm.  And don’t miss Divot the Clown, famous trick-shot artist at 5:00pm.

The Country Club of Miami was founded in 1961 and offers 36 championship holes in the newly regrassed greens of the West and East Courses.  To learn more about the Club click here.

So come on out for a family fun day!

This information is brought to you compliments of Maggie Dokic, Realtor®, proudly serving serving the families of Miami, specifically the Redland, Homestead and SW Dade.  Need a caring and competent professional?  Give Maggie a call at 305.975.3842.

Maggie Dokic, Broker Associate.  It doesn’t cost more to use a professional.

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