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Palmetto Bay

Pinecrest Blood Drive Needs You

It’s that time again and the Community Blood Centers of Florida need your help. Take the time to help others by donating blood and remember, the life you save may be your own.

All donors will receive a free mini-physical, tee shirt and a special thank you pack. Please be sure to bring your ID.







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Dr. Feldman Endorses Cunningham for Vice Mayor of Palmetto Bay

Karyn Cunningham is a former teacher viewed as a strong advocate for education so it comes as no surprise that Dr. Lawrence “Larry” Feldman has formally endorsed Ms. Cunningham for Vice Mayor of Palmetto Bay.

Dr. Feldman is quoted as saying “As a strong advocate for teachers and students throughout her 27 years of service, Karyn has my absolute support in her endeavor for public office.

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Living in Palmetto Bay or Pinecrest Can Help Your Health

healthy houseIt may seem like a bold statement to make, but living in Palmetto Bay or Pinecrest can help you live a healthier life according to a new study.   The study claims that living in better neighborhoods can keep some people from obesity and/or adult onset diabetes.

You can read about it here.  I know we already have great reasons for living in these beautiful Miami area neighborhoods.  But a couple more certainly don’t hurt.

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Palmetto Bay Home Prepares for Halloween

This has got to be the most creative use I’ve ever seen for nature’s leftovers.  This Palmetto Bay home has giant ghosts floating playfully under their oak tree.  Except these ghosts aren’t made of sheets, plastic bags or crumpled up anything.  They are cleverly cut from the Royal Palm fronds that have fallen off the tree.

The palm fronds lend themselves naturally to this whimsical project.  They have that flowing fabric look.  You just trim the top round, paint them white and add black eyes and mouths and you’re good to go!  I LOVE these!

palmetto bay palm frond ghosts

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Palmetto Bay Mayor Sued

Redland Auction GavelPalmetto Bay Mayor Flinn was sued yesterday for not resigning his post as mayor before entering the race for County Commissioner.

The suit was filed by attorney Stephen Cody, a 30 year veteran of election law. According to Cody, one cannot be in office while running for a different office when one may end up serving both positions at the same time.

The lawsuit comes just days before the election. Palmetto Bay residents are left wondering why this is happening now. There will be an emergency hearing this afternoon to determine if his candidacy will be disqualified.  Read more details here.

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Old Cutler Road Construction Will Cause Delays

Old Cutler Road Construction AreaPalmetto Bay and Cutler Bay residents who use Old Cutler Road please note that it will be shut down at the end of July for construction.  The South Florida Water Management District will be installing a flow-way tunnel beneath Old Cutler Road and this will impact the stretch between SW 156th Street and SW 162nd Street.

The road will be open to local traffic only.  If you don’t live in the area, make plans for a different route during construction.  SFWMD has stated that the project will take two weeks only and it is slated to begin no earlier than July 26th. Utility services and the popular bike path on Old Cutler may be impacted as well so plan accordingly.  Click here for more information.

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