Very Last Day To Register To Vote

Uncle Sam Wants You To VoteIf you’d like to vote in the upcoming Presidential Preference Primary election on January 29th and you are not registered to vote, today is the last day you can register.

You’ll have to do it in person.

Fill out the voter registration form and take it with proper ID to your local driver’s license office, a voter registration agency, an armed forces recruitment office, the Division of Elections, or the office of any Supervisor of Elections.

Do your part!

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Do You Not Understand Its Mortgage Fraud?

HandcuffsI like selling real estate in the Miami Redland. I’ve met some great people in my business. I’ve helped lots of folks and knowing I’ve done a good job is extremely satisfying to me.

Yesterday I didn’t like one of the people who contacted me. I was on my way to a meeting in Aventura and driving on I-95. I’m not that familiar with the area and was keeping an eye on the exits.

My phone rang and I answered, “Hello, this is Maggie!” The gentleman on the phone asked me about some homes in an area of Homestead. I told him that I didn’t have homes available specifically where he said but a little further away I have a development listed with 15 homes still available for sale and affordable.

He asked me for the prices and if there were any incentives. I answered all his questions and he said something about wanting “cash back.” I told him we were not offering cash back at closing. I went even further and told him it was mortgage fraud and illegal.

He said to let him worry about that. He asked me again for the prices. I repeated them. “What will they appraise at?” he asked me. OK, now I see he’s trying to skin the cat a different way. I know where he’s headed with this.

I tried really hard to not sound arrogant when I replied, “they will appraise at what they’re priced at. If they were to appraise higher, we would be selling them for more money.” Now this may seem like common sense, but I did understand where he was headed. He’s familiar with appraisals that come in, magically, at numbers that are inflated. These inflated appraisals are key in being able to commit mortgage fraud. I guess he thinks he knows my business better than I do.

Mr. Cash Back must have realized that my patience was wearing thin. He told me he’d call me back if he decided to look at these homes. I’m happy if he loses my phone number. The only orange I look good in is perhaps an orange scarf. An entire jumpsuit might be a bit much. Besides that, I worked hard for my license and am actually proud of it. I won’t be risking losing it anytime soon.

By the time I hung up I realized I had passed my exit by 5 miles. Dagnabit!

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Miami-Dade Market Report $300K – $400K Range

If anyone thinks the market is changing in Miami-Dade county I’d like to present this visual. It is changing, but not for the better, it seems, at least in this price point.

This graph represents homes for sale in Miami-Dade County vs. Homes Sold. I limited the data to homes in the 300K to 400k range. Notice the change in the figures for last month. The inventory of homes for sale went up while the number of homes sold that month went down in comparison to the month before.

These figures illustrate how important it is to price your home correctly. The inventory home sellers are competing with is increasing while the available buyers is decreasing.

If you need more information on pricing your home for sale, please contact me for a free, no-obligation market analysis of your home’s value. I am here to help you with your real estate needs.

Market report

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