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East Kendall Homeowners In Uproar Over Proposed School Expansion

Stop-Pinewood-AcresThe home owners in the East Kendall area of Miami are seeing red over the proposed expansion of the Pinewood Acres School on SW 97th Avenue.  If you’ve been in the area at all lately, you’re sure to have seen one of these signs on someone’s lawn.

The newly formed East Kendall Homeowners Federation is at the helm of the signs and the opposition.  The main concern is the increased traffic.  The area already suffers from main avenues that look like “parking lots” during rush hours.  Adding an extra 1700 students to the community will surely make the problem worse.

If you want to learn more, or lend your support, visit the federation’s website at  http://ekhf.org/

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Pinecrest Adds 100% Electric Car to its Fleet

The Village of Pinecrest has added a 100% electric vehicle to it’s fleet of cars as part of it’s continuing efforts to go green.  The car, a Nissan Leaf, will be used by the Pinecrest Building and Planning Department.  The addition of the green auto is part of the continuing efforts of Pinecrest’s Green Initiative Program and was unveiled by Mayor Cindy Lerner and Village Manager Yocelyn Galiano Gomez last month.  Meep meep!

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Dr. Feldman Endorses Cunningham for Vice Mayor of Palmetto Bay

Karyn Cunningham is a former teacher viewed as a strong advocate for education so it comes as no surprise that Dr. Lawrence “Larry” Feldman has formally endorsed Ms. Cunningham for Vice Mayor of Palmetto Bay.

Dr. Feldman is quoted as saying “As a strong advocate for teachers and students throughout her 27 years of service, Karyn has my absolute support in her endeavor for public office.

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Florida Homeowners on Amendment 4 -What’s your Take?

Perhaps you are not deeply involved with your local politics and that’s OK, I can understand that. A busy schedule and hectic work day don’t leave much time for anything else. If you’re like me just getting a solid 8 is a small miracle. Sometimes we need to make time for something even if we can’t and this is one of those times.

If you are not familiar with Amendment 4 please allow me to sum it up for you. This amendment proposes to do 3 very important things for business owners as well as anyone buying their first home.

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Village of Pinecrest Back to School Event

The Village of Pinecrest Community Center is hosting a Back-to-School Bash and you’re invited!  The event is sponsored by the Village of Pinecrest and Family Magazine.

The Pinecrest Back 2 School Bash will have many activities, including mini-workshops, demonstrations as well as the reveal of the Fall programming at the Community Center.

So bring the kids to welcome the start of the new school year and have some fun.

When:  Saturday 8/25/12 10:00am – 1:00pm

Where:  Pinecrest Community Center, 5855 SW 111 Street, Pinecrest, FL

Cost:  FREE

Add’l Info:  305.284.0900

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Palmetto Bay Home Prepares for Halloween

This has got to be the most creative use I’ve ever seen for nature’s leftovers.  This Palmetto Bay home has giant ghosts floating playfully under their oak tree.  Except these ghosts aren’t made of sheets, plastic bags or crumpled up anything.  They are cleverly cut from the Royal Palm fronds that have fallen off the tree.

The palm fronds lend themselves naturally to this whimsical project.  They have that flowing fabric look.  You just trim the top round, paint them white and add black eyes and mouths and you’re good to go!  I LOVE these!

palmetto bay palm frond ghosts

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