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I have to explain the name. Humor me. Please.

My Blogmeister, the ever juicy and wise Tomato, had told me 30 days before that I needed a domain name. I already knew that. Having him tell me didn’t make the process any easier. But I know he means well. He’s a nice tomato, not spoiled or rotten. Plus, what’s the use of having a spiffy new blog site if you have no domain to go along with it? It’s kinda the equivalent of a new building without doors. No one can get in.

I sell real estate in Miami, specifically the Redland, Palmetto Bay, Pinecrest and Southwest Dade, but no area in Miami is off-limits. Seeing as how my efforts in selling real estate are what enable me to pay the bills (yes, including the Tomato bill) I had to keep working while I thought about the much-needed domain name. Bummer! Try as I might I could not come up with a name I liked. Everything I toyed with seemed trite, unoriginal…ummm… boring! Nothing evoked the emotions I was after. Truthfully, I didn’t schedule a block of time to sit and entertain my domain name choices. That seemed counter-productive and a total waste of a good hour and a half. An hour and a half that I could be spending with someone showing them really cool homes in the Redland as they looked for a great new place to call home. No, this search for a name was going to be done simultaneously as I went about my daily routine.

Then the call came. The Tomato needed my domain name so they could get my site live. Can you say UH-OH!? I explained that I had not decided on a name yet. I had been busy working, remember?! I promised I would pick one in the next hour and purchase it. Hmmmmm… I had not been able to come up with a name in a month and I had just promised to have one in 60 minutes? The good thing is that I was in the car driving my girls home. They help me brainstorm sometimes. They were aware of the need for a name for the new site. Something half-crazy popped into my head just then and I blurted it out. “How about The Blog That Ate Miami?” I asked excitedly. My 15 year old’s face broke into a huge grin and she started laughing. I wasn’t sure what that meant. Little One (12 but little) chimed in with “that’s so great!” from the back seat as Big One (not big, just tall for a 15 year old) kept laughing and added “I love it Mom! I love it!” Nah, it couldn’t have been that easy, could it? It had taken a nano-second to produce that name.

I dialed the Tomato and was greeted with “wow! That was fast.” It had only been 2 minutes. I threw the foolish name out there for him to laugh at and his glee was evident. He liked it too! Mighty Tomato, I want to be taken seriously. You don’t think that name will be detrimental to achieving that goal? Not at all. You also need something catchy that people will remember. Are you sure? Let me run it by Senior Tomato but I like it! And thus, the blog name was born.

Let me assure you, Miami has not been eaten. It is alive and well, as is the Miami real estate market. I wanted a name that gave folks searching for information on the Miami real estate market a glimpse into my personality. I’m a little goofy at times. I believe if you’re going to be working closely with someone for months to get your house sold or to find your new home, you better like that person. I am a professional all the way. I know how to behave myself in any situation, whether it’s walking a client through your house while pointing out the highlights or negotiating on your behalf so you can purchase a home at the best price. But I’m also a real person. I’ve been told I smile a lot (a smile opens doors, people!), I’m considerate of others, I know what I’m doing and do it with passion and I like to laugh. Hence the name. The Blog That Ate Miami seemed playful. At the very least, it may inspire talk about what a crazy choice I made. There could be worse things.

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