Want to Help Your Community? Food Banks Are in Dire Need

Neighborhood food pantries and food banks are desperate for donations of food, funds, and folks; and the need is growing all the time. If you’re a home owner, you’re in a generous group: Home owners are more likely to donate to non-profits than renters, so if you’re in the mood to donate, food banks could use your help.

“Food assistance has gone from an emergency to a chronic need,” says Shannon Traeger of Feeding America, an umbrella group for more than 200 food banks throughout the U.S. “People are chronically depending on food pantries to feed themselves and their family.”

Here’s how you can help your community feed the hungry:

  • Learn about the hunger problem in your county.
  • Call your local food pantry to see what it needs. Individual donations? Food drives? More volunteers? Then organize your block to meet those needs. Thanksgiving, which is coming quickly, is a good time to give to others.
  • If your local pantry accepts fresh vegetables, start a gleaning program amongneighborhood gardeners, and bring extra produce to your local pantry.
  • De-clutter your own pantry, and donate items you’re not going to eat. Check expiration dates.
  • Volunteer your time, too. Most food pantries run mainly on volunteer help. Gather your neighbors and pitch in!

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