How to Spring Clean Your Bedroom (and Revive Your Love Life)

When HouseLogic talks dirty in the bedroom, we talk about the dust mites and allergens that live in your mattress and sleep with you each night. 

Spring cleaning your bedroom means wiping out those strange and unwanted bedfellows, and generally purging your room of clutter that wrecks your slumber and douses sparks in the bedroom.

Here’s the minimum list of tasks you should do to spring clean your bedroom, which could rev up your sex life as well.

Refresh your mattress

As gross as it seems, your mattress absorbs pounds of everything you leave behind, including sweat and skin cells. Add dust mites that feed on skin cells, and you’ve got between 8 and 10 pounds of fairly disgusting — and irritating — stuff embedded in the place where you lay your head each night.

This is particularly bad news for allergy sufferers, who already battle tree pollen in spring and don’t need more irritants to make their eyes water and noses run.

To give your mattress a fresh start, follow these steps.

  • Drag your mattress outside to a clean deck or patio, where direct sunlight can kill dust mites, mildew and even moss and algae that live in some mattresses. Fresh air can help remove odors, too.
  • Vacuum mattress on both sides with an upholstery attachment.
  • When you return the mattress to your bed, flip it to assure even wear and tear.

Launder bedclothes

We hope you wash sheets and pillowcases each week. But spring is the time to make sure your blankets, pillows, bed skirts, mattress pads, and covers are clean, too. Warning: Check fabric care labels before throwing anything into your clothes washer and dryer. Delicate bedclothes might have to be dry-cleaned.

Follow these laundering tips:

  • Use mild detergents to launder most blankets.
  • If your blanket tends to pill, stuff it inside a large pillowcase before washing.
  • Add white vinegar to rinse cycle to help colors stays bright.
  • Remove wool blankets from spin cycle after a couple of minutes so they won’t stretch out.
  • Wash and dry king-sized bedding in commercial machines. Stuffing oversized bedding into standard-sized dryer can burn your blanket.
  • Toss two tennis balls into the dryer with comforters and pillows to speed drying and give extra fluff. Make sure dryer is set on low.
  • Dry bedclothes in the sun to make them smell fresh and to kill sun-sensitive bacteria and dust mites.

Spring clean your chi

Bedrooms are for rest, relaxation, and romance. Anything that distracts your mind or eye — like over-stuffed closets, piles of books, exercise equipment you don’t use — will hurt your love life and slumber, says Lynne Greene, a Feng Shui designer who studies relationships between inner lives and outer clutter.

So, if you declutter no other place in your home, rid your bedroom of everything that doesn’t help your sleep or love life. Here’s Greene’s advice.

  • Get rid of “fat clothes” that make you feel bad about your body.
  • Only hang pictures of you and your partner. Pictures of kids and in-laws don’t foster intimacy.
  • Don’t push clutter under the bed, which will sure as shootin’ dam up your chi, the life force that flows throughout your body.
  • Find another room for exercise equipment or give it to someone who will actually use it.

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