Is Your Miami Home Haunted?

Haunted-houseMiami readers, are you among the 35% of homeowners who say they’ve lived in a haunted house?  Or maybe among the majority that said they’d be ok purchasing a haunted house?

According to a survey of nearly 1,400 respondents, most people are fine purchasing a haunted house.  I can’t believe someone actually took the time to survey this. LOL  But in keeping with the upcoming holiday spirit, I thought I’d pass the info along to you.

According to the survey results, these are some of the things that have the potential to scare buyers away however:

  • Levitating objects
  • Ghost sightings
  • Supernatural sensations
  • Flickering lights/appliances
  • Strange noises, such as footsteps and doors slamming

If you see flickering lights / appliances, and still choose to purchase your haunted home, make sure you have a bonafide home inspector check out the electrical system.  It could be something much worse than Wailing Myrtle affecting it. =)


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