Chill-N Nitrogen Ice Cream Now Open in Pinecrest

I can remember my grandfather as if it were yesterday. To me it seems like he was always old. I can never remember a time when his hair was not grey or he didn’t have that certain “old man walk”, sort of a bad imitation of George Burns. I loved him very much and I can remember him taking a tiny little pill when his chest hurt. Only years later did I understand that this was his emergency Nitroglycerin pill. Science is amazing.

Now we have another high tech development that is sure to change the world as we know it, Nitrogen Ice Cream. Why didn’t I think of that? What a great idea! I can think of nothing more exciting (indeed necessary) than that special frozen delight of creamy milk, pure cane sugar, your favorite flavoring and of course, liquid nitro. I think I should open a shop and start my own franchise with a real catchy name such as “Test Tube Yummies” or “Never Melts Frozen Delights”. How about a good slogan like “The Desert of Astronauts” or “Freezer Fresh”?

I just can’t help but wonder, “What would Grandpa think”? Either way, I’ll be there first thing Saturday morning!

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