Dr. Feldman Endorses Cunningham for Vice Mayor of Palmetto Bay

Karyn Cunningham is a former teacher viewed as a strong advocate for education so it comes as no surprise that Dr. Lawrence “Larry” Feldman has formally endorsed Ms. Cunningham for Vice Mayor of Palmetto Bay.

Dr. Feldman is quoted as saying “As a strong advocate for teachers and students throughout her 27 years of service, Karyn has my absolute support in her endeavor for public office.

Karyn’s commitment to education, along with her work on legislative issues that affect the quality of life of our families and communities, make her transition to public service a natural one. Her unique knowledge base and experience, both local and in Tallahassee, will prove to serve her community well. I admire Karyn’s resolve and decision to serve and advocate for the well-being of her community and hometown, Palmetto Bay, so that future generations may enjoy the qualities that make living there so special.”

Karyn responded with the statement  “Dr. Feldman’s 39 years of service to M-DCPS in the capacity of teacher, administrator and school board member serve as a tribute to his dedication, expertise and experience in serving our community. As a leader in education, as well as a parent, his confidence in me is humbling. I welcome and graciously accept his support as I continue my campaign for Vice Mayor of Palmetto Bay. Their success will ensure the future success of the students, parents and community they serve. I look forward to working closely with Dr. Feldman and the community for the greater benefit of both the students and the citizens of the Village of Palmetto Bay.”


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