Did You Hear About the Turtle?

Actually it is a tortoise, a 90 pound tortoise that goes by the name of “Legacy”.

Legacy had been missing for weeks and the Haxton’s were beginning to lose hope. That is, until that one fateful Saturday. That was the day when an eagle eyed Pinecrest police officer spotted the 90 pound runaway just 1 mile from the Haxton residence. I have no details at this time as to whether the recovery of the tortoise involved a chase. The officer’s call to duty was quick and sure. Legacy was saved. Also involved in the rescue effort were officers from Florida Fish and Wildlife and “some guy” that took care of Legacy until the owners were located.

Legacy had been a valued family member since Hurricane Andrew, 20 years ago. He (or is it she?) is a minor celebrity in the neighborhood and is often visited by students at a nearby elementary school. It was a loss for the entire community.

But that’s all in the past now. The ordeal has ended. Legacy is once again home where he (?) belongs, safe and sound and we can all rest a little easier.

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