Should I Buy a Security System For My New Miami Home?

We all know there are many decisions to make when purchasing a new home, so why add another to the list, right? Well, this one of the most important decisions you can possibly make during this time and it deserves your attention!

There are MANY advantages to having a home security system installed. Aside from the obvious benefit of protecting your new home (and yourselves) from the ever-increasing trend of home invasions, a security system gives real peace of mind and that alone is truly worth the investment.
The New Generation of Security Systems – MUCH MORE THAN JUST SECURITY! Modern security systems provide much more than protection. Today a buyer can choose from a wide variety of “options” that can further enhance their security as well as provide many conveniences. Here are some examples.

Home Automation– control ANY appliance within your home via the security system using X-10 (or similar) technology. Turn your coffee maker on at 7:00 every morning, cook your dinner in the oven while at work and arrive home to a ready-to-eat meal at 6:00 sharp! Turn your lights on and off AUTOMATICALLY at a predetermined schedule (great additional security when away on vacation or on a business trip). The possibilities are limited only to your imagination!

Intercoms – great for convenience AND security. Nice to tell the kids dinner is ready instead of yelling up the steps all the time! Also, it is better to know who is ringing the doorbell before you open the door, RIGHT? More advanced systems offer a built-in camera in the outside intercom so that you actually see who is there.

Fire Protection – a “MUST HAVE” in my opinion. Although new homes are already equipped with smoke detectors, those detectors can NOT call for help, but the smoke detectors that are connected to your security system can! REMEMBER, the leading cause of death in a fire is smoke inhalation, not the fire itself. If you are overcome by smoke while sleeping at night, how will you call for help? If your home is not occupied, what happens then? Provided that your system is being “monitored” (we will discuss this in another chapter), it will get help for you. In addition the security system can provide the correct type of protection in different areas of your home. A heat detector belongs in an attic and in the kitchen, NOT a smoke detector (dust and smoke can “trick” a smoke detector). A reputable company will explain all of this to you, and much more.

Environmental Protection – there are many other “threats” to your property than can be monitored and reported if there is a problem. Water in the basement (i.e. a broken pipe or flooding), low temperature when you are away from home in a cold climate (no heat could mean broken water pipes and very cold pets!). What about loss of electricity? This could lead to spoiled food, no heat or a/c, and eventually no power for the security system to work! All of these conditions and more can be reported with the proper devices installed.

Personal Protection – a well designed system can protect the people both in and near the home, not just the property itself. Wireless “panic” buttons are available to summon help even if you are in your yard or walking to the door from the street, or just enjoying a rest by the swimming pool! Imagine, you are returning home from your usual evening jog when the “bad guy” jumps out from behind that tree and demands your money! Pushing the little red button on your keychain will “trigger” your systems siren and alert the police that you are in serious trouble. You will know that help is on the way, maybe more importantly, so will he. A medical panic button will provide the same level of protection but will summon medical help in an emergency. Remember the commercial some years back, “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up”? You get the point. Additionally, there are other concerns that can be addressed with a well designed system, carbon monoxide detectors, natural gas detectors, and others. Your level of protection depends only upon your personal concerns and your budget. You might be surprised at how affordable much of this protection is.

Integrated systems today can do much more than we will have the time to discuss here however, the point I’m trying to make is that you should not consider an electronic security system as an unnecessary or undesirable item in your new home. Many people will opt. for other amenities that fit within their budget before considering safety. I say, “Be safe, be happy, and be smart!”

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