THIS Is Why I Moved To Miami

This post is not about real estate. It is just such an absolutely beautiful day in Miami that I had to shout it from the blog-tops! My HTC Evo says it’s 68 degrees in Miami right now. I am working from home today as it just makes more sense according to the location of my appointments. I just opened the front door and the windows and discovered that it’s much nicer this way, instead of having the a/c running.

When I lived in NYC it was either too hot or too cold to have the windows open. Except for that one or two day period in the spring and fall. Plus opening the windows over there meant I could hear the ambulance sirens a lot louder and the exhaust from the city bus could seep into my apartment a lot faster. No such issues here! I hear the birds outside and I smell nothing but fresh air.

How sweet it is!

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