With a Quack, Quack Here

ducklingsWhen I moved to Miami from New York City ten years ago, one of the many things that were new to me were the canals throughout Miami-Dade County.  New York City has no flooding problems, unlike South Florida, where the canals were added many years ago to help with the flooding problems.

A very nice perk to having these canals all over Miami are the ducks they provide paddling space for. =)  I know that ducks can be a nuisance in many Miami neighborhoods which have lakes or back up to canals.  People who don’t listen to conventional wisdom feed the ducks and create a problem.  Once accustomed to being fed, they will return for more.

Because I don’t live in such a neighborhood, I don’t suffer from the duck nuisance but can enjoy them from afar.  Today was a treat.  I was driving through a lovely neighborhood in the Southwest Miami area and kept seeing ducks all over the place.  The cutest sight was the mama duck with fourteen ducklings trailing behind her each waddling across as if performing for me.  I stopped the car and thoroughly enjoyed the sight.

Please be careful with the duckies as you drive around!

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