Day 30 – Take a Flying Leap $$$$

skydivingI will say it upfront:  I am terrified to do this.  (cluck, cluck) But I have a secret desire to go skydiving one day.  HA!  So for those of you out there who live off that adrenaline rush, and can actually give in to it, my hat’s off to you. =)

Miami Skydiving offers those less chicken of us (cluck, cluck) the opportunity to prepare for a skydiving experience in about an hour with the utmost attention to safety.  If AFF (Accelerated Free Fall) (and again I say cluck, cluck, gulp) is more your style, they have that too of course.

My heart was pounding just reading their website.  This one will have to remain on my bucket list for a bit longer then.  (cluck, cluck)

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