Blog Action Day 2009


Save the Earth

Today is Blog Action Day.

No, you’re not at the wrong blog.  Although my usual posts are, of course, related to the Miami real estate market, once a year I choose to sway from that and participate in Blog Action Day.

On Blog Action Day, the intent is to get as many bloggers as possible writing about the same issue of global importance.  This year the issue is climate change. There’s no getting away from it.  It affects us all.

I admit that I don’t do as much as I can to prevent slow down climate change.  None of us does.  There’s always something else you can be doing that helps the cause.  But don’t let that thought overwhelm you.  If living off the grid is not your goal, at least try to shrink your carbon footprint by making small consistent changes.

Take a look at the list of the Top 100 Effects of Global Warming.  It’s pretty sobering stuff.  I’m not a wine drinker, but if I were, I would not be happy at seeing my Pinot Noir on the most endangered wine list.  Saying goodbye to baseball?  Unthinkable? Well, at least the present baseball bat as we know it.  Live Christmas trees gone too?  Yep.  No more lobster dinners? These things are things that we could do without, albeit begrudgingly, but there are items on the list that are serious issues: increased illnesses, whole species disappearing, more hurricanes, more floods, more fires and on and on.

I read the whole list.  I admit it wasn’t the best way to start my day.  Bummer.  But the seriousness of the issue can’t be toned down.  It’s too important.  Life as we know it is at stake. Here’s a link to an empowering list.  One with solutions.  It tells you some of the things you can do to make a difference.  And you’re never too young to get involved.  Kids are making a difference too.

Start small if you haven’t started already. And keep it constant.  The earth is counting on you.

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