Miami Homestead Exemptions – Get Yours!

Miami Dade Homestead Exemption Savings

Did you buy a home in Miami-Dade County in 2008? If so, remember that a homestead exemption does not carry over to the new owner. You need to file for your own exemption in order to take advantage of the lower property taxes it brings.

If you bought your primary residence in 2008, you have until March 2, 2009 to file your homestead exemption for the year 2009. Not to be cliche, but use it or lose it!

If you’re not a new owner and already have the homestead exemption on your home, it renews automatically and you don’t need to refile. However, make sure you get the notice from the county letting you know that they have renewed it.

I had a problem last year when my notice was returned to the county as they had my previous address on it. When the county got the notice back in the mail, they figured I was not living at the property (even though the mailing address and property address were not the same) and they removed the exemption.

I was unaware until I checked my taxes online in the fall. Big OUCH! My taxes had gone up thousands of dollars with the lost exemption. I had to go down there and file a claim and prove that I had never stopped living here. They were very nice about it and it was resolved. But it wasn’t resolved in time for me to take advantage of any of the discounts for paying my property taxes early. And I lost hours tending to the problem.

So make sure you get your notice in the mail from the county. It says Miami-Dade County Property Appraiser 2009 Automatic Residential Renewal Receipt on top in big, bold letters. I got mine today so yours is probably in your mailbox or about to arrive any day now.

Visit the Miami-Dade County Property Appraiser online to download applications or get more information.

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