Miami Home Values Threatened – Show Up Tonight!


We do NOT need more housing developments being built in Miami-Dade.  We have plenty of housing in place already.  Lots of it sitting vacant and unsold, so why build more?

Show up tonight and let your voice be heard. The following is re-printed in it’s entirety with permission from  Please visit the Hold the Line campaign online for more information.

Is Miami-Dade Selling Out????

YOUR VOICE is needed at these important meetings. It’s time to tell Miami-Dade officials that our economy, our environment, and our community can’t afford to keep bailing out private land developers!

November 3, 2008, 6:30 P.M. West Kendall Community Council (11)

Jorge Mas Canosa Middle School Auditorium

15735 SW 144 Street

Did you know…

Ø Miami-Dade reports 59,798 pre-foreclosures between January and September 2008?[1][1]

Ø More than 14.2% of existing housing units in the county are vacant?[2][2]

Ø Since 1994 the county has lost 27% of active farmlands? [3][3]

Ø Miami residents waste more than 50 hours in traffic delays each year?[4][4]

Ø Florida has just beat out California for the highest home foreclosures in the nation?[5][5]

Lennar’s Parklands project would:

v Add 6,941 homes to the surplus of homes on the market in Miami-Dade.

v Use nearly 1 million gallons of water per day.

v Be built in a FEMA flood zone.

v Develop 961 acres of Miami-Dade’s remaining agricultural lands.

v Increase the population by an estimated 18,232 residents.

v Pave open space within 2 miles of Everglades National Park.

v Offer less than 10% of its units for affordable housing.

v Have insufficient density to support mass transit.

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  1. Thesa Chambers, Broker Licensed in Oregon

    So how did the meeting go? Make any progress? It is such a strange market that many are grasping at straws trying to make it all come together. Miss you Maggie –

  2. david

    right on!!

  3. laurie mindnich

    Wow- sounds like the last thing that the area needs is more in the way of available housing- hope it turned out, Maggie!

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