Miami Real Estate Blog Hacked

Last Sunday The Blog That Ate Miami, along with several other Real Estate Tomato blogs, was hacked into. The entire site went down. Visitors to the Redland Palmetto Bay real estate blogsite would have been presented with an error page upon entry.

Although the site is up now, it is not back to normal. For instance, I can’t insert pictures into my posts. It’s been a week and Jim Cronin and his staff at the Tomato have worked tirelessly to restore not only my site, but all the others affected. My sincere thanks go out to Jim, Jason and others at the Tomato who have worked tirelessly after the attack.

I would also like to extend my apologies to the readers of my blog. Those of you who come to The Blog That Ate Miami to get your Miami real estate news may have wondered what was going on. Now you know. I’m still here and will continue to provide pertinent real estate information to the Miami real estate market. At the same time, the blog will be tweaked until it’s back to normal. Thanks to all for your understanding and patience.

It’s good to be back!

  1. Carole Cohen

    Maggie I am just glad you have everything up and running again. Mean spirited doesn’t even come close to what the hacker did, it’s awful. I’m sorry you got caught in the wreckage of someone’s strange mind. But blog away and we will be reading my Friend!

  2. Maggie

    Carole, you’re right. This was beyond mean spirited. Countless hours of work down the drain in a flash. And now countless hours to restore everything and the work’s still not finished. Thanks for your support!

  3. Terri Kern

    Welcome back! What a horrible nightmare for you. Glad to see you are back up and running.

  4. Debra Kukulski

    Maggie…welcome back!!!

  5. Boomer Jack Boardman

    Someone obviously wanted to take a big bite out of the Tomato! Somebody really needs to be slapped upside the head–repeatedly!
    Is it OK if I feel anger in support?

  6. Jonathan Bunn- Ashburn VA Real Estate

    Yikes… First I read that your having your last post and then I read that you were hacked. Way to hang in there. Welcome Back.

  7. Esko


    Good to see that you’re back in business and blogging for your readers. Hopefully this won’t happen again. Ever.

  8. Margaret Woda

    Maggie, glad to see you and your blog are on the road to recovery. ‘Guess I lucked out, since my Tomato blog wasn’t affected – but this is a good wake-up call to remind everyone how important it is to back up our posts. Thank goodness for blogjet!

  9. Maggie

    Sorry for my late acknowledgment.

    Jonathan, thanks for your support. It’s good to be back.

    Esko, so nice to see you! The Tomato is taking measures to make sure it doesn’t. Thanks.

    Margaret, yes, you did luck out. I see no rhyme or reason to the blogs that were affected but consider yourself very lucky.

  10. Roberta Murphy


    So glad to see your excellent Miami real estate blog back on track! I know it has been a real struggle for all the blogs that were massacred April 13–and hope we all recover to some semblance of what we were before.

    A legal example needs to be made of the culprit(s) to insure the chances of this crime occurring again are minimized.

    Good to see you online again!

  11. Jackie Colson-Miller

    OMG…Just heard. Glad your Miami Real Estate Blog is up and running…I hope those hackers end up in jail!

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