The Blog That Ate Miamis Last Post

GoodbyeIt saddens me to tell my now-nine loyal readers that I won’t be writing any more. I’ve just gotten too busy to deal with a silly blog. All you agents who wondered why anyone would even waste their time blogging were right. I can’t keep up with a blog, work and family too.

Where will you find out where the best milkshakes in the Redland can be found? Who’s going to keep you posted on livestock running amok through the streets (OK it was one horse on one street)? And worse, who’s going to keep you posted on real estate stuff every once in a while? I’m not sure, but it won’t be me.

For those of you getting your knickers in a bunch, don’t. Look at the date. My Little One is planning lots of pranks today. I figured I’d join her. =)

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