South Florida Real Estate Agent Eaten By Python*

Crocodile Magee debuts?*No, it’s not true. But yesterday I felt like it could have been.

I have done BPO’s in the past for lenders. A BPO is a Broker’s Price Opinion and while it is not an appraisal, it is an opinion of the market value on a given property. Lenders will usually ask for these when a homeowner falls behind on their payments or after they’ve been contacted by the homeowner to negotiate a short sale. And even after they’ve foreclosed on a property and gotten an actual appraisal on the property.

I haven’t done a BPO in months. I’ve been busy with my sellers and buyers and really have not had time to do one. Yesterday morning I was called by a BPO provider asking if I would be willing to do a BPO for a home in the Redland. I know the Redland very well and agreed, even though I had to reschedule a few appointments in order to get the report done in time for the 6PM deadline.

I did some of the preliminary work and looked up the property stats. I looked up comparable listings and sales and was ready to drive out to the property to take pictures. The Lender wanted an interior BPO so I would have to go inside the huge 6 bedroom home and the two other structures on the property and take pictures of all of it.

I am not afraid of vacant homes. I had no problem doing that. Until I arrived at the house, that is. This particular property is so far west that there are no other homes further west than it. The everglades start right there. This, in and of itself, is not a problem either. The problem was that the property was so overgrown that I was afraid of getting out of my car. Heck, I was afraid of my car itself being swallowed up by it.

The overgrowth was about 9 feet in places. Can you say monster python boys and girls? The property was bordered on 3 sides fully by more overgrown land…15 feet high overgrowth! As much as I would have enjoyed $90 to fill up my car for 3 days, I know my limits. I called the BPO providers and bowed out.

My friends and colleagues are always reminding me that I live “in the boonies,” as they fondly like to refer to the Redland. I beg to differ. I live 4 miles east of the boonies (and I still live west of Krome!). I was there yesterday.

Crocodile Magee debuts?

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