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Redland Riot Road Rallye Tomorrow

Vintage AutomobileYou’re going to be angry with me for bringing this to you so late. But you’ll be even more angry if I don’t tell you about it. I am rescheduling my Saturday activities so I can make it to the Redland Riot Road Rallye tomorrow. I’ll hit the Redland Festival on Sunday instead!

The Road Rallye is not a race. It’s a leisurely drive through Miami’s lovely countryside (better known as the Redland). It will be highlighted with a sort of scavenger hunt at the stops along the way. Whoever answers the most questions correctly wins at the end of the day. Prizes – goody!

I don’t have a classic or unusual car so it’s a good thing all legal vehicles are welcome (I stress legal because you’re not supposed to be riding your ATV’s on paved roads so don’t show up to the Rallye in your ATV!)

It starts at 11 AM (MUST arrive before noon) at Cauley Square (West side of US1 & 224 Street) and ends at 5Pm at the Redland Hotel in Homestead. In between there will be scheduled stops at some of the Redland’s better known attractions such as Robert Is Here, Schnebly Redland’s Winery, Fruit & Spice Park, Knaus Berry Farm and more!

To print a map of the route click here.

There is no fee to participate but bring some change for the stops along the way. There’s always something yummy calling out to you!

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