Krome Offers Best Price On Gas

Gas PumpI haven’t written an article in over 2 weeks. Ouch! I have been swamped with work and apologize to my loyal readers. All 7 of you =)

And this article is not real estate related but I wanted to get it out there.

Living in the Redland, I travel along Krome Avenue a lot. I use it to drive down to Homestead as well as up to Kendall. I have been stopping to fill up my gas tank on either SW 232nd Street or SW 248th Street and Krome Avenue. At these intersections you can find 2 gas stations at each (for a total of 4) that offer gasoline at under $3.00

My office is in South Miami and I find myself in Kendall a lot too. I have seen gas at $3.25 in most places. Even with my small gas tank, I usually pump 15 gallons. At $.30 that’s $4.50 in savings at each fill-up. I fill up 2-3 times a week, so it adds up.

Sincere thanks to the Krome Avenue merchants for allowing me to continue driving my real estate customers around for a little less money =)

  1. Stephanie Edwards-Musa

    Hey Maggie, I am so glad that gas is not that high here yet. We are at about $2.70-

    I’m glad there is somewhere with gas considerably lower in the area over there. Geez, gas prices are so high right now! Great job spreading the word!!

  2. Roberta Murphy


    So good to see the South Florida real estate blog up and running again.

    What has the Miami real estate market done without you for the last two days?

    It’s a shame that your blog was attacked and hacked in such a senseless way–and look forward to the balance of your Miami real estate news going back online.

  3. Gena Riede

    Maggie, this may not be real estate related but it is VERY useful information.

    You are the Realtor of choice for South Florida!

  4. Laura Monroe

    Hi Maggie~ Make that 8 loyal readers and fans! Out here in CA we would never see a price under $3.50 so that’s pretty good!

  5. Cyndee Haydon

    Maggie – isn’t it funny when we look back that prices that shocked us are looking good now. Heard about the hacker and sending you {hugs} and a speedy full recovery.

  6. Maggie Dokic

    Stephanie I can’t believe that I never replied to your comment? Maybe I did and the hacking that went on this week deleted it. hmmmmm. Funny that I should see this post today. I filled up just today and paid $3.45. No such thing as gas under 3 bucks in these parts nowadays.

  7. Virginia Hepp

    Hi Maggie, just wanted to stop in and say Hi. I hope your blog gets fully restored. Gena Riede told us about it on Active Rain. (Gas here is $3.47 today in Mesquite, NV)

  8. Maggie Dokic

    Roberta, thanks for your support. It is much appreciated! =)

    Gena, I figure if it affects the daily lives of the residents, it’s worth veering from the topic of “real estate” every once in a while. Thanks for stopping by!

    Laura, welcome and thank you =) Prices have gone up quite a bit since this post. Our prices are right around $3.50 now also. Will it ever end?

    Cyndee, yes it is! I wish I could find a station selling for $3.25 right now. It’s insane.

  9. Mary DeLuca

    Maggie-this is the best titled blog around! I’m glad it’s up and running again. They went after the best!

    And I paid $3.44 for gas this morning. I might have to start charging to take buyers around. It’s a rough year.

  10. Maggie

    Mary, that’s so sweet of you. Thanks for your kind words =) I know what you mean about the gas. I’m definitely trying to pool my errands so I take care of things on one trip. Ouch.

  11. Mitchell Hall

    Maggie, I hope the blog that ate Miami will eat the hackers for breakfast. Glad you’re back.

  12. Maggie

    Mitchell, LOL Thanks for your support. I feel better each time I see my webmaster has recovered another piece of my blog. I’m glad to be back up and running too!

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