Palmetto Bay Doggie Park Finally Open

After two years of waiting, the doggie park in Palmetto Bay finally opened on Saturday.

We stopped by in the afternoon and there were quite a few people there with their four-legged friends.

It was nice to see that the pooches could run around freely. There’s a lake in the center of the park where they can swim if they want to. There’s also penned areas for small dogs and large dogs to play in, respectively.

There’s plenty of places to sit if you get tired of playing frisbee with Fido. And if Fido gets thirsty, he has a water fountain where he can quench his thirst!

Palmetto Bay residents were happy to see this park finally open. The park is on 164 Street and US 1. The only way to get in on US 1 is Northbound so you may need to make a U-ie if you’re heading South. Just do it carefully. This is US 1 after all.

Palmetto Bay Dog Park

taking a drink at Palmetto Bay Dog Park

Palmetto Bay Dog Park

  1. Thesa Chambers, Broker Sunriver Realty

    How cool – having a spoiled 4 legged child this is a big plus to me for the area. Thanks for sharing

  2. ines

    Maggie – did you see your post was picked up by Stuck on the Palmetto??? That doggie fountain is adorable!

  3. Bob Carney

    Doggie park = doggie doo = watch where you walk.

  4. matt

    if your coming from the north you can make a left on 160th go east past the daycare make the sharp right and there is a parking lot that is safer incase your doggie gets lose

  5. Maggie

    Ines, NO!! I am so not into checking things out. Thank goodness my peeps let me know. Thank you!

    Bob, why am I not surprised at your comment? HA HA HA Actually, the walking trail was only hours old and there were already stains on the cement. But hey, at least they had picked up the doo-doo.

  6. Maggie

    Thesa & Matt, sorry, your comments were stuck in moderation. And something’s off with my alerts.

    Thesa – I have several of those spoiled 4 legged children too. One is even aptly named Princess. Self-fulfilling prophecy. =)

    Matt – thanks for that. I live South but that day was coming from the North and missed the street before the park altogether. I ended up praying as I made my u-turn and burning a little bit o’ rubber. You’re right, the parking off US 1 is safer for our canine friends.

  7. Mary Ann Wagner

    The doggie park is wonderful. It is always nice when taxes really do work.

    What happened that the fountain in the “lake” is not operating?

    Thanks again for the park.

    Stretch Wagner – woof!!

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