Robert Is Still There At ‘Robert Is Here’

Redland Fruit StandLiving in the Redland I have plenty of fruit trees in my yard. Try as I might, I cant have all the fruit thats out there though. We sometimes go elsewhere to get our fruit fix!

I drove over to Robert Is Here yesterday afternoon. The kids been wanting to try a dragonfruit and we figured theyd have it. We were right.

Redland Fruits For SaleRobert Is Here has been there for about 47 years now. The story goes that when Robert was a boy and trying to sell cucumbers on the corner no one stopped at his stand. Roberts father decided he needed to be more visible and made two big signs to put on either side of Roberts table each proclaiming in big red letters œRobert Is Here.

The signs were marketing genius and by noon the next day Robert had sold out all his cucumbers. The rest, as they say, is history.

Jackfruit in the RedlandToday Roberts stand is much bigger and widely known. It sits on the corner of 344th Street and 192nd Avenue and there are always plenty of people stopping for fruit, herbs, honey, snacks, touristy items or one of their incredible milkshakes. Some people consider this the Redland but the address is technically Homestead. It doesnt matter. Just head South and West and youll be glad you did.

There was live music yesterday and people sitting at the tables enjoying it. My kid did find the dragonfruit and I convinced her to buy the half of one for $3.00 instead of buying a whole fruit. Thanks for giving us choices Robert! The truth is that we didnt like the way it tasted. It was something like unflavored Jell-O. Not too appetizing, but it sure was pretty!

Redland Fruit ShakesRoberts has lots of different fruits that you wont find easily at your local grocer. There are lots of different honeys and a honey tasting station too. we shared some laughs with other patrons while sampling the different flavors.

If youre driving to the Keys, leave a little early and take a detour over to Robert Is Here. You might even get lucky and have Robert himself wait on you!

  • Robert Is Here
  • 19200 SW 344 Street
  • Homestead, FL 33034
  • 305“246“1592
  • Open 7 Days a Week
  • Closed September “ October
  1. Sandi Bauman

    I love stories like Robert’s!

    Congrats on having a “kid” who will try new foods… give yourself a pat on the back, mom- you did good! There are so many children out there that are missing out on a whole world of food because their parents never encouraged them to move past mac and cheese.

  2. Maggie

    Sandi, hi! This kid actually wants to be a chef and will try almost anything. The other one not so much =) We picked up a huge pomegranate at Robert’s and she seeded it and took a little container to school with her “jewels.” She was so excited about showing her friends. LOL

  3. monika

    I wish we had a place like that up here! Sounds neat Maggie!

  4. Maggie

    Monika, it is neat! But you have your own neat places up there. I’ve seen you blog about them =)

  5. Stephanie Edwards-Musa

    Hi Maggie, Roberts sounds like a great place! I love to go to places like that to get fruits and veggies. Redland has so many neat places.

  6. Maggie

    Stephanie, the Redland has lot of places like Robert’s that have their following. “Cityfolk” and locals alike like to frequent them. I love it!

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