Palmetto Bay Charges Fee For Use Of Park

People are ticked off. They’re angry over the resolution passed by Palmetto Bay commissioners charging the public a fee for using Coral Reef Park.

The resolution passed last month and parents lost no time letting Palmetto Bay Mayor Eugine Flinn Jr. and the commissioners know how they felt about it.

Palmetto Bay now charges organizations that use the park a $15 user fee per member per season. Use of the park used to be free.

There are many youth organizations and sports leagues that use Coral Reef Park. One such group is Pop Warner Football and Cheerleading. They’re a non-profit group that has used the park for the last 4 decades.

Critics of the resolution argue that funding for use of the park is already in place in the form of property taxes. With the new fee they are, in essence, paying twice to use the facilities.

Village commissioners see things slightly different. They claim that groups such as Palmetto High School and the YMCA already pay a usage fee, so why not everyone else? Especially Pop Warner, since many of their members don’t live in Palmetto Bay.

When CBS4S David Sutta asked the Mayor if residents would get a tax break now that a user fee is in effect Flinn replied, “I don’t think it makes that big of an impact. It’s a very minor impact.”

And to think this is all because of reduced funds due to the tax relief efforts started up in Tallahassee. The tax relief which has been waylaid and seems to be in need of resuscitation efforts. I haven’t seen any tax relief. Have you?

  1. Susie Roscoe

    Palmetto Bay may receive money in their taxes but there is always “more” that is needed. I don’t see the fee(s) being charged as unreasonable. A few dollars to visit a park like this one in Palmetto Bay is a very inexpensive form of entertainment.

  2. Maggie

    Susie – I personally do not think the Village should be charging a use fee for the park. This all happened because of the supposed tax relief (which, as you well know, hasn’t happened). South Florida has areas where property taxes have more than TRIPLED in the last 5 years. But we haven’t seen a tripling of services. It’s rampant mismanagement of the citizens’ money, and I am not talking about Palmetto Bay per se. I think a little tightening of the pursestrings is in order, not looking for ways to build up revenue.

  3. Albuquerque NM Real Estate

    Maggie – We have a few open spaces that charge a parking fee but it is only $2 per car on weekends or a $1 during the week. You can buy a year pass for about $25. This gets you into several as well. I do think the fee is high for your parks. I can see why the families are complaining. – Ashley

  4. Maggie

    Ash, the fee is for the season but it’s only for members of organizations that use the park, not everyday visitors. The thing is that most of the kids belonging to those organizations are the ones who can least afford it. Shame.

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