A Death In The Redland

Angel_tears2He was alive two hours ago.  Now grief seems to be all that’s left behind.  He was an only child.  I cannot begin to imagine the pain his parents are going through.  Twenty-two years old.  He was just a kid.

I did not know Lloyd.  Now I can’t get his sneakers out of my head.  When the authorities covered his body, the feet were left out.  Why don’t they make blankets that are long enough?  His feet were visible from where I stood.

My sister ran to the scene when she heard.  She did not know him either.  There was a party across the street and he was a guest.  We were in our  homes, heard the commotion and ran out.

My sister stayed with him and spoke to him even though she couldn’t be sure he heard her.  His face was gone.  When the cops came and examined the scene they laid little pieces of police tape wherever they found pieces of his skull.  I counted 20 in horror and stopped counting.  The trail was like a sick Hansel and Gretel scene that travelled over 20 feet to where his body lay lifeless.  His feet a grim reminder.

He had been riding his Banchee on the dirt road.  We heard him before his accident.  He was going way too fast.  He wasn’t wearing a helmet either.  He lost control as the ATV bumped on the uneven road and was thrown from it violently.

Is there anything we can say to the kids to make them realize that those things are dangerous?  At the very least to ride responsibly?  In the Redland not only do we have local kids riding them, but kids come from “the city” to ride them out here too.

If you think riding an ATV is cool please stop a moment and think of Lloyd.  Think of his 3 year-old son whose father is gone now.  Think of his parents who won’t be able to kiss his cheek or hear his voice.  Think of your own loved ones and please ride responsibly.

  1. Stephanie Edwards-Musa

    Maggie, this is so sad. Great post to bring out awareness of ATV safety.

  2. Ines

    Maggie, I have chills all over my body – I’m sorry to hear about Lloyd. ATV’s are dangerous, they are not toys……how horrible for the family

  3. Joanne Hanson

    What a sad story, and how hard it must have been for you and your sister. I know Lloyd will be in your thoughts for a long time.

  4. Maggie

    It seems I’ve neglected this post. Sorry!
    Stephanie, the very next day I heard the news about the little girl falling down the mineshaft as she followed her Daddy. That one may not have been preventable, but this one sure was.
    Ines, his friends set up a shrine for him at the spot where he died and I pass it on my way each day. It’s a constant reminder of a death that didn’t have to happen.
    Joanne, you’re right. And passing his picture by the road each day makes it that much harder. I’ve talked to his girlfriend several times since the tragedy and she seems lost. It’s sad because it wasn’t just his life he affected by being careless. He left many broken hearts behind.

  5. Jay & Boomer Jack

    This is truly sad beyond simple words. Lloyd’s youthful lack of common sense came at a too dear a price.

  6. Maggie

    Boomer, I am reminded of that several times each day as I pass the make-shift shrine his friends made for him. No matter how often I pass I can’t shake the notion that this one was totally preventable. Senseless. <>

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