Eliminating The Competition

BullseyeOne of my sellers contacted me yesterday. He was wondering why his sign was gone from the front of his house.

I called our sign installer and asked. They knew nothing about it.

My seller and I came to the conclusion that the competition didnt want to compete with his home which is priced to sell and decided to get rid of the sign.

Either that, or someones using my face for BB-gun practice.

Just lovely¦¦¦

  1. Susie Roscoe

    Maggie, I’m shocked at what some “people” will do in their spare time.

  2. Maggie

    I guess stealing a sign is more proactive than pricing their home properly or marketing. In their eyes anyway.

  3. Lynda Eisenmann

    Hi Maggie,

    Let’s hope it was just a teenage prank. I’ve had it happen before and I’d sure like to think that’s all it was.

    Keep up the great work in Miami Redlands!

  4. Cindy Jones

    I lose sign riders all the time. I’d like to come up with a GPS device that I could inbed them to see where they go. Competitors cars? Neighbors trash cans?

  5. Joanne Hanson

    I bet you get a call from someone asking why your sign is in their front yard. It might be a great addition to someone’s front yard…pretty it up!

  6. Albuquerque Real Estate - Ashley

    Maggie – My listing had 4 offers on it. Of course three had to be rejected. The next day someone drove up over the curb into the front yard ran over the sign and then went off the other side. Thank goodness it was rocks in the front yard. But I will say it upset me. Earlier this year someone stole my entire sign and I wasn’t as fazed. It will continue to happen.

  7. Maggie

    Lynda, the teens in the area seem to be the quiet kind. I’d bet my cash on a competing sale any day. Pretty sad.
    Cindy, I think you may have the makings of a new business there!
    Joanne, that would be funny. So far it hasn’t happened. My money says it’s in the trash somewhere.
    Ashley, that’s a horrible thing to have happened! They say all is fair in love and war. I guess we’ll have to add real estate to that as well, no? =)

  8. Hortensia

    I know the feeling. It happened to me as well as havig a lockbox cut off – thankfully the lock box was empty and Ihad not had a chnce to go get it right away. It’s just jealousy…. LOL

  9. Maggie

    Hortensia, I’m chalking it up to the same thing. You’d think they would find something better to do with their time. Like sell a house? =)

  10. Central Oregon Real Estate

    Maggie – I had one that was the victim of a hit and run –

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