Krome And State Roads Getting Facelifts

Krome laborers 3Or is it more like tummy tucks? For anyone in the Redland who’s ever tried to cross Krome Avenue from one of the main roads and suffered the dreaded “oops, I forgot to signal,” fate, this is good news!

I know I am not alone. I have had my share of being behind the guy waiting at the light on Krome who wants to turn left but has, you guessed it, conveniently forgotten to signal the fact. Then I’m trying to go straight and stuck behind him trying to turn left. He waits for an opportunity to go and I check my rearview mirror for the same. I have missed many lights that way. On a day when I don’t have a minute to spare it’s offered much grief.

Krome laborers 2The fact that the turning signal was an upgrade in those cars is not the sole contributor to the problem. Indeed, the main problem is the fact that most state roads intersecting Krome don’t have left turning lanes. The roads weren’t wide enough or busy enough to warrant them.

Well, this is all changing now. For at least the last 4 months Krome Avenue has been a flurry of activity. SW 184 Street, 200 Street, 216 Street and further south all the way to Homestead, there’s been some big boys with their big boy toys tearing up the roads. They’ve torn up the asphalt, dumped rock, suffered having their pictures taken by me, installed new traffic lights, and last night something new!

Krome laborersLast night asphalt was laid down. Can you stand it? This may not be cause for the Miami Herald to come visit, but hey, we’re simple in the Redland. A wider road with new left turning lane is a big deal to us! As I drove west on 200th Street I smelled what seemed to be cigarettes. Upon getting closer to Krome I saw dozens and dozens of workers busy under their artificial light creating blacktop. SW 200th Street, at Krome, is now officially wider.

Oh happy day……..

  1. Rita Taylor


    Sounds like you really need this road widened – glad it is happening for you in Redland. They are building a bypass here in town and I can’t wait for it to be finished – it will eliminate a lot of redlights in my day.

  2. Maggie

    Rita, we did. The nice thing is they’re doing several intersections all at once. A welcome change!

  3. Stephanie Edwards-Musa

    Maggie, this sounds like some much needed improvements! Not to mention that it sounds like the roads might be a little safer.

  4. IndyAgent

    Maggie – It’s always a happy day when the consruction of a road is completed. Enjoy your quicker drive!

  5. Jay & Boomer Jack

    I like that “END OF ROAD WORK” sign! We are coming up (in a few weeks) the end of the road work season. We don’t really have four seasons here; just two: winter & construction.

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