To Catch A Lizard

LizardAhhh¦.nothing like a little excitement added to your morning. Im on vacation in Ft. Myers Beach and when we went to bed last night, we noticed a little lizard was in the room. I was too tired to do anything about it last night but awoke fully charged and ready to tackle the little critter this morning.

Most Floridians wouldnt do anything about a little lizard in the room. Most Floridians would laugh at me for referring to them as Floridians. Although I call Miami Redland home, I grew up in New York City and still prefer the little reptiles outside, where I feel they belong.

My task this morning was made easier by the fact that the little guy was still hanging out on the ceiling. I have a super simple way of catching lizards that works almost 100% of the time. And I dont have to touch them. Although Ive gotten over the fear of them Im still a little squeamish about touching them. I owe this simple trick to my friend Rosemary Janssen. Thanks Romi!

This lizard was tiny, about 2 inches with tail and all. I went to the kitchen and got a glass. I ripped the box our fajita dinner started in so that I had a piece of cardboard big enough to slide under the glass after I cupped him. Ive discovered that most lizards will œplay dead when they notice you around them. Unless youre up in their space, then theyll try to make a run for it.

I put the glass over the cute little thing. Then I slipped the cardboard under the glass so that he was trapped. I got off the chair very carefully (everyone else was still sleeping so I had no one to help). And I went outside where I set him free. Of course the glass was washed after being used.

Mission accomplished!

  1. San Diego Real Estate


    I had heard about your site and just had to stop by for a visit. Love the title, the look and the stories.

    You’ll go far!

    –Roberta Murphy

  2. Molly P

    Hi Maggie! Glad to hear you are over on our coast. Hope you are enjoying your vacation. I have to tell you that this is EXACTLY how I catch lizards in my house, too. Usually with a plastic Solo cup and some kind of hard but thin piece of cardboard to slide in between the cup and wall/ceiling/door/floor. I am like you. Being from Ohio I can’t stand lizards in the house and can’t just ignore them. They are cute but creepy. It must be the northern way to catch a lizard!

  3. Maggie

    Roberta – somehow your comment ended up in Spam. Thankfully I caught it! Thank you for your support. I just took a quick peek at your site and it looks fabulous. I’ll make some time to stop by there soon for a real visit!

    Molly – hi there! As much as I don’t want the lizards inside, I also don’t want them getting hurt. Trapping them this way and setting them free is a win/win all around.

  4. Lynda Eisenmann

    Hey Maggie ~
    Wow, things are “that” exciting in beautiful Miami? LOL, love your blog, you’ve done a beautiful job!

  5. Maggie

    Lynda – actually, this happened 3 hours away in Ft. Myers Beach, but back in Miami it would have been the same! LOL Thanks for the kudos on the blog!

  6. Mana Tulberg

    We get the little lizards as well, but we have never had them inside. Now if we have one inside the house I have your method and you to thank.

  7. Margaret Woda

    I LOVE THIS! Great job! ‘Glad I stumbled upon your post on AR that helped me find this. I’m still in the VERY early stages of my outside blog.

  8. Ashley Drake Gephart - ABQ Homes

    Maggie what a great way of safely moving them outside. I have moved more than a few bugs outside in what is know as “The Bug Cup”. We keep it for just that use. Of course the two scorpions we found in the laundry over the last couple of weeks didn’t far so good.

  9. Maggie

    Mana – try as I might, I have never been able to keep the house lizard free. Sometimes I’ll be sitting in the living room and I’ll notice something out of the corner of my eye…yep! Another lizard-o (as I like to call them).

    Margaret – thank you! Please do let us know when it’s up. I’d love to offer my support and readership.

    Ashley – At home I have dedicated containers for my “bug cup” too. =) Now about those scorpions…ewwwww!

  10. Joanne Hanson

    Maggie, I am glad I live in the mountains where it is too cold for those kind of creatures! Even our spiders don’t get very big and we don’t have black widows! No snakes, no lizards, just a few mosquitos every now and then. I grew up in New Zealand though, and remember ending up with a few lizard tails in my fingers as I tried to catch them and the lizard took off and left me with his tail.

  11. ines

    Maggie – I don’t care about lizards – but can we talk about those nasty palmetto bugs? I can’t even pick them up after they are dead!

  12. Maggie

    Ines, I haven’t seen a palmetto bug in ages! Really, we don’t get them in my area. Maybe all our lizards ate them? =)

  13. Jay & Boomer Jack

    WE have lizards in Minnesota as well. But we don’t catch & release the two-legged lizards who give gekkos everywhere a bad name!

  14. Maggie

    Joanne- somehow your comment got lost back here! Your mountains sound like my kind of place…no snakes!
    Jay- alas, these are your plain, garden variety lizards…no gekkos. But he was so tiny and cute!

  15. Central Oregon Real Estate

    too funny Maggie – I catch yellow jackets (bees) this way – glad this little guy did not stop you from sleeping

  16. Rita Taylor


    My daughter loves to catch lizards – she often brings them to me to look at – I have no idea how she catches them. Never seen one in the house and hope I never do!

  17. Maggie

    Thesa & Rita – I apologize. I’m having trouble with Outlook and never got notice that these comments were here. Thank you both for stopping by!

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