Miami Redland 33187 Southwest Miami List Price vs Sales Price

Graph_Miami_RedlandI was playing around with my super-dee-duper new graphmaker and thought I’d post one of the graphs I made. (Click on the image on the left, and to return, just hit ‘backspace’ on your keyboard)

This one shows the relationship between the List Price (asking price) and the Sales Price (actual sold price) in the 33187 zip code. 33187 encompasses part of the Miami Redland as well as Southwest Miami (west of 147th Avenue and south of 152 Street).

As you can tell, the list price averages a lot more than the sold price. Something happened in November and they were almost identical. A fluke, I’m sure. Apart from that the difference between the two is remarkable.

Numbers do not lie. This is a great example of the importance of pricing your home to sell. Don’t let it sit on the market too long and get stagnant. Price it right from the start.

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