Village of Pinecrest, Florida

Pinecrest LogoPinecrest is a village located in Miami-Dade County, Florida. It was incorporated in 1996 and just had it’s 11th birthday.  Pinecrest is governed by a five member Village Council and operates under a Council-Manager form of government with a Mayor at it’s head.  The physical boundaries of Pinecrest are US1 to the west (US1 is called Pinecrest Parkway along the stretch where it flanks Pinecrest), 57th Avenue to the east, 136th Street to the south and just a little further north of 88th Street (Kendall Drive).  Here’s a map of Pinecrest.  It is just a hop, skip and a jump away from beautiful Biscayne Bay.

Pinecrest streets 2Driving along the streets of Pinecrest you will notice the abundance of mature trees with huge canopies!  There is so much green in Pinecrest and it really does add to its charm and attraction.  Even so, after incorporation, the village undertook a beautification project which included the planting of thousands more trees.  The homes are on lots which are much bigger than most of unincorporated Miami-Dade county.  Another thing you will notice are the unique street signs in the village.  They’re forest green and distinctive from the rest of the county so you will know you’re in Pinecrest by the signs.

Pinecrest has an amazing municipal park called Pinecrest Gardens.  It sits on what used to be Parrot Jungle.  The gardens are free to visit and quite a tourist attraction.  The natural flora is breathtaking.  You feel the grandeur of nature here.  And the colors are incredible.  There are orchids and other flowers everywhere.  On a recent visit I had to be careful as a 2 foot iguana was meandering across the parking lot just as I decided to leave.

The schools in the Pinecrest district are highly rated.  As such, Pinecrest is a much sought-after community to live in.  Local real estate prices reflect that desirabilty.  The least expensive home in Pinecrest will cost around $650,000 with the vast majority of them hovering in the close to a million mark.  Of course, there are the multi-million dollar properties as well, mostly determined by the expansive acreage they sit on as well as how large and detailed the homes are.  In Pinecrest, it is not uncommon for a much older home that has seen better days but is still in decent shape to be purchased just to be torn down and built anew.  Land is that valuable in Pinecrest.

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