I’ll Sell Your Home in 60 Days or Pay you $500!*

60 DaysIf you’ve been trying to sell your home I’m sure my claim caught your attention, no? After all, the way the market is, any claim to sell a home in 60 days has got to be good, especially backed up with a guaranteed $500 payment if I can’t deliver, right? WRONG!!

*First of all, let me clarify that I do not offer the above to my clients. I put it up there to get your attention and explain how it’s possible that some real estate agents do make that offer.

It’s pretty simple. There is fine print to anything that sounds too good to be true. Here’s the fine print in larger type so you can read it:

  • An agent comes to you with the above claim.
  • You speak to your significant other about it and say “look honey, they gotta be on the up-and-up, they’re offering to pay if they don’t sell it in 60 days. Let’s give it a try!”
  • You sign a listing agreement.
  • Your home goes on the market.
  • It may sell sell in 60 days. Heck it may sell in 3 if it’s priced right.
  • If it doesn’t sell in 60 days you now wonder why it hasn’t. After all, the agent promised!
  • You ask the agent for your $500 since the house hasn’t sold in 60 days.
  • The agent says “yes, you’ll get it at closing when the house does sell.”
  • You reply “WHAT?!!
  • The agent tells you that it was in the fine print. Ah yes, the fine print. The print you didn’t ask to read because they hooked you with their incredible promise.

You see, this agent isn’t guaranteeing anything other than a $500 pay-back to you from the $10,500 commission you’re going to pay him at closing. Isn’t that thoughtful of him?! He is just throwing this claim out there to get you to list with him. He can’t promise to sell your house in 60 days any more than I can. He can’t even promise to sell your house at all. None of us can. Oh wait, I’m having a problem with the terminology because I actually keep my promises. So, yes, they can promise you anything. But can they keep their promises? Those are promises that cannot be kept.

What gets me is that they’re not lying. They’re just not being upfront about all of it and they do grab some clients this way. It’s sneaky. It’s wrong.

So there you have it. The truth behind the incredible guarantee.

I won’t promise to sell your house in 60 days. I will promise that I will market your Miami house to the best of my abilities, and I’m pretty capable. I also promise that I’ll be in touch throughout the whole process. I won’t disappear on you. If you like to hear the truth so you can make informed decisions, you can read more of what I’m about at http://www.maggiesellsmiami.com/ You can also read my real estate blog at Active Rain. I don’t make promises I can’t keep. I just deliver!

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