McMansions… Do You Want Fries With That?

The Redland area of Miami is a great place for real estate. It’s intermingled with single family residences and nurseries growing and selling all kinds of beautiful plants. Most homes are on at least one acre. Considering that most new construction in other areas of Miami is being built on lots of about 5,000 SF, an acre, at 43,560 Square Feet, provides plenty of elbow room. But said elbow room doesn’t come cheap in Miami.

I’ve seen one acre homesites for sale at $289K in the area, while 5 acres are listed at about $700K. Land only.

I’ve noticed some interesting construction going up in the Redland area. These homes are interesting because they’re HUGE! There are two in particular that have always caught my eye. They’ve been under construction for about 2 years now. The first one is situated on just a little less than 5 acres. I can only guess that the main house is about 9,000 square feet. That’s a lot of dusting! I can barely keep up with my 3 bedrooms, 2 baths. Behind the main home is a guest house. I would venture a guess that the guest house is as big as my home, if not bigger. Here’s a picture of the front of the main house. You can get a pretty good feel for the size of the house itself fom the many windows.

 miami redlands mansion

The second home is being constructed on over 14 acres. Hooo-weeee, that’s a lot of land! The main home is being built in the back part of the parcel.

Imagine having to drive through 7 acres to get to your doorstep. The front gate and entrance are reminiscent of a luxurious hotel/spa. When I first drove past the construction site 2 years ago, I thought that’s what they were building. I now think it’s just a lavish family residence. Here’s a picture of the work in progress. This is a picture of the front gate. Notice the long drive with a traffic circle and interesting architecture in the middle of the driveway. I can only venture a guess that the main home will end up being gorgeous. I wasn’t about to venture past the gates and risk being arrested for trespassing.

 miami redlands mansion

I really wasn’t serious about the McMansions label for these homes. Locally, we (real estate agents and consumers alike) have been referring to homes that are about 4000SF+ (2 stories) and sitting on postage stamp size lots as McMansions.

The 2 homes highlighted here definitely do not fall into that category. These are truly mansions! I can’t wait ’til they’re finished. The fact that they’ve pulled out all the stops in the construction tells me their landscaping will probably be breathtaking. It’s been rumored that these are the new digs for the Bacardi empire and Shaq. Not sure whose is whose. It’s interesting to note that most of the surrounding homes are modest, single family residences. A small percentage of them are higher end homes. It makes me wonder what these homes will do to property values in the area. Hmmm….stay tuned for updates.

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  1. kay lee

    I can imagine driving through
    seven acres to get to my house
    I use to do just that,
    But then my house was in WI
    on a 300 acre farm.

    And it did not cost
    a penny over $250,000.

    And I could fish in the back 40.

  2. Maggie

    Kay, thanks for visiting. 300 acres in this area would make one a millionaire =) The farm sounds idyllic.

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