Introduction To The Historic Miami Redland, Homestead And SW Miami Areas

I am a local REALTOR who loves what she does. I live and work in the historic Redland area of Miami. Redland is south of Miami and North of Homestead, but a little further west. It’s an incredible place to live and I’m doubly blessed because I get to work here as well.

Apart from Redland, I also specialize in the SW Miami area (broadly defined as anything South and West of our lovely Metrozoo) and Homestead. Of course, I’ve helped clients outside of these areas, but I don’t specialize in them. I don’t want to be a “jack-of-all-trades and master of none,” as the old adage states. So I choose to focus my attention in these areas. That being said, however, I keep up with anything that affects real estate in Miami, Dade County and Florida, so I am always prepared to help clients and their family and friends regardless of where in Dade County they need my help. I’ve even ventured into Broward County on several occasions =)

My intention with this blog is to give folks an insider’s tour of this great area. We’re a bit off the beaten path, and the extra driving is worth it! Actually, the community is pretty self-contained, we’ve got great shopping, schools, medical facilities, entertainment, and employment opportunities, so the extra driving is optional.

Redland is predominantly full of nurseries and single-family homes. No apartment buildings and condos here. The majority of the homes are on at least 1 acre; a true acre, not that acre-wanna-be known as a builder’s acre. An acre has 43,560 SF and a builder’s acre has 30,000 SF. (by the way, that would be my first real estate tip to you: if you ever encounter someone selling a home with “acreage.” Just ask if that’s a builder’s acre they’re talking about) Folks come out here to get away from the city and enjoy their time “in the country.” I know of people who have homes in Miami as well as here and they come out here on the weekends. But mostly I know the folks who just work in Miami and come home to paradise each night. I live and work here and I love it!

Bougainvilleas in bloomDriving around the area you quickly notice what makes it special. The huge open spaces, acres and acres of nurseries, the regal palm trees surrounding us. The tropical foliage is breathtaking. Bougainvilleas in bloom are a sight to behold! The orchids are gorgeous and there’s butterfly and koi farms. It’s not uncommon to see folks riding their horse instead of taking the car to the local store. There’s so much that makes this place special that I hope you’ll return to learn more about it.

In future entries, I hope to be able to give you a tour of the many sights which can be found in Redland, and the adjoining area of Homestead and SW Miami. There will be nursery, park, festival, winery (yes, honest! made from mangoes, lychees, carambola and more!) craft, everglades, shopping and restaurant tours, to mention just a few.

Of course, there will updates on the local market as well. It’s that REALTOR in me that strives to provide useful, accurate and valuable info to my clients. So put a pot of coffee on (or pick up a colada of strong cuban espresso) and come back for a visit real soon. Friends are always welcome here in Redland.

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