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Miami Eats – Cheap and Yummy

Cuban SandwichI love living and selling real estate in the Miami Redlands. And while there are great places to eat in the Redlands, and I will post about them, I am not posting about a place that is right in the Redlands right now.

Latin American Cafeteria has several locations throughout Miami. The closest one to the Redlands is the one on Eureka Drive (Just a few minutes east at 11370 SW 184th Street). I still can’t figure out if all the Miami Latin American restaurants have the same owner or are even related, but the two I’ve eaten at (this one and the one on Sunset) seem to have the same menu and generally the same atmosphere. It’s a no-frills type of place with a large counter and tables. Fill your tummy quickly and pretty cheaply.

If you’re ever visiting Miami, make sure you stop at a Latin American Cafeteria. They have Cuban sandwiches not to be missed. Their entrees are mostly between $5-$10.

Hungry for breakfast? They have quite a few selections and most won’t set you back more than a few dollars. For only $2.99 you get eggs (tell them how you like ’em), bacon, ham or sausage, tater tots (not typical Cuban fare but still yummy) and toast. Now, get this about the toast: it is not dry (has lots of butter on it) and it is not your traditional white bread. Instead it is a huge piece of Cuban bread that has been split and toasted on the sandwich press. Quite a treat…crunchy and delicious. My kid added a cafe con leche ($1.35) so she could dunk her bread in it. I’m not a dunker. I ate it straight and crunchy. Be prepared to skip lunch if you eat your whole breakfast.

If you don’t speak Spanish you may have to work a little harder to order, but it’s totally worth the effort!

  1. Joe

    I visited the Latin American in Eureka with the wife on Friday. I got there around 9:30 pm.
    Not been familiar with the working hours I was concern that it was closing time because the place looked kind of empty.
    The door sticker said close at 11:00 pm
    Walked in and sat by the booths on the left side and looked at the menu.
    They had a general Cuban restaurant menu.
    I looked at the menu and order the Rononada (NY strip) with white rice and red beans and the wife order Aros imperial (Yellow Rice with chicken).
    The girl that waitress was very sweet and helpful.
    When the food arrived the Rinodana did not looked to good. It looked pail like if had been boil and not grill and the beans did not looked to fresh.
    My wife Aros Imperial was served at room temperature not presentable at all, it looked like if it had been scooped out of the main pan and dumped on the plate.
    Overall the experience was the worst I have had in a restaurant in years.. I am very understanding and I generally give people the benefit of the doubt.
    Many times I have revisited a restaurant after a bad experience and the 2nd time around it has been better.
    Latina American Restaurant’s food was so bad that I will never visit them again.
    Real shame because it seems to be one of the few Latin restaurant in the Eureka area
    Again the waitress was very nice and understanding but I did not get a refund after complaining about the horrible food.

  2. Maggie Dokic

    Joe, I’ve not been there in a while, truthfully. I’m sorry to hear about your experience. I’m trying to think of another Cuban place around Eureka and none comes to mind. Casavana on 152nd is OK (I liked it better when it was Sergio’s). Being Cuban, I don’t eat it out a lot, but get it at home. Having started eating the paleo way a month and a half ago, I am skipping parts of the traditional Cuban meal (rice & beans, yikes!) and keeping others (lechon yum!). Please post again if you do find a good one in the area. I know the new strip mall east of the Turnpike has a couple of places but I’ve never stopped in there to even see what they are. There is always Ruben’s in Pinecrest though!

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